It’s Time for Vacation Bible School at Saint Matthew UMC


JULY 13 -JULY 17     6:00 – 8:30 P.M.

It’s Vacation Bible School time at Saint Matthew! The theme this year is G-Force Adventure: God’s Love in Action. Each evening we’ll give children the chance to discover they can use God’s power in their lives to help them Move! Act! Care! Follow! and Share! The children will discover how God calls each one of us to act. We’ll meet people from the Bible who used their hearts, minds, and bodies in service for God. We’ll also explore how to use our whole selves to follow God in new, active ways.

Session 1: God Calls Moses

Session 2: Solomon Builds the Temple

Session 3: Four Friends Help a Friend See Jesus

Session 4: Healing of Bartimaeus

In order to make this a successful week of learning and fun, we need your help! As usual we will need money to help us purchase supplies (paper, markers, tape, paint, etc.), food, and misc. supplies for our craft room and science lab. We also rent an inflatable slide for our water night on Friday evening. If you would like to help in this way, please put your donation in an envelope with your name on the outside of it and give to Vickie Giese or Doug or Sue Kelcey. We will give the church a list of your donation for your record of giving.

If you prefer to purchase items, please see list below:



Kool Aid (canister size)

Hot Dogs & Buns

We also need volunteers for the craft area and to play different characters during our story telling sessions. You would have a script to use and we can help you with costumes. Please consider these opportunities to connect with our young people. They aren’t hard to please and you don’t have to be a professional actor to show God’s love and care to these kiddos.

If you have any items we could decorate with that would be great! We could use skate boards, bikes, balls, hula hoops, etc.
Thank you so much for your prayers, gifts and support for a great VBS this summer!

NAME/PHONE # ___________________________________________________
ITEM DONATED OR LOANED ________________________________________

Body and Soul

….I am not talking abortion here. And I am not talking politics. I am talking relationship between body and soul.

….Legislators are introducing “personhood” bills in some states. These declare that an egg and sperm become a person at the moment of conception. There is a problem with this: It’s wrong.

….These legislators are actually (although inadvertently) agreeing with materialists and atheists who say that all we are is physical material. All that we are, they say, comes from that union of sperm and egg. Our “personhood,” our “self,” all grows out of that physical, material union. Continue reading

First Blog

The song says the world doesn’t need another mountain. It has enough.
I wonder if the world also has enough blogs?
It probably does. But here’s another one.
And the world has never gotten a blog from me before. This is the first one.

In future blogs, I will be sharing stories with you about how God works in the world. And I will be telling you that GOD DOES WORK! Continue reading