Saint Matthew UMC’s Tradition of Giving

At Saint Matthew United Methodist Church, we don’t beg for money. Nor do we attempt to guilt you into giving. In fact, you’ll rarely hear the subject brought up in the course of worship.

Nevertheless, just as any church does, Saint Matthew UMC needs money to function and uphold its responsibilities to those it serves both locally and around the world.

In accordance with the mission of the United Methodist Church, each year Saint Matthew UMC collects its “apportionment” which funds local, regional, national, and international initiatives and services intended to support the work of the Church both at home and abroad.

By the grace of God and the generosity of the people of Saint Matthew UMC and others throughout the community and the world, we have faithfully and reliably fulfilled our obligations every year without fail.

Please feel free to contribute in any way you can, and help us in our efforts to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community and the world.

Thank you and God bless.

Methods of Giving

Online via Paypal

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Click the “Donate” button to make an online donation:

Donations by Mail

Make checks payable to:
Saint Matthew United Methodist Church
2414 Hitson Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76112-6111